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  • Ledgeable shelfLedgeable colours


    699 DKK
  • Bigledge


    899 DKK
  • Ledge whiteLedge anthracite


    549 DKK
  • ShowShowcase#0 with hoop


    1,499 DKK
  • Showcase#1Showcase#1 combined


    4,599 DKK
  • Showcase#2Showcase#2 bathroom


    1,999 DKK
  • Showcase#3Showcase#3 combined


    2,999 DKK
  • Showcase#4Showcase#4


    3,499 DKK
  • Showcase#5 shelfShowcase#5 combined


    1,299 DKK
  • SheetSheet combined


    699 DKK
  • Ledge:able MiniLedgeable mini

    Ledge:able Mini

    249 DKK


  • Desk tableDesk office


    5,999 DKK
  • HoverHover clear glass


    7,559 DKK


  • boxBox


    699 DKK
  • Cork Ledge:able shelfMat cork ledgeable

    Mat Cork, Ledge:able

    125 DKK
  • Cork Big:ledgeMat Cork Big:ledge

    Mat cork, Big:ledge

    125 DKK
  • Cork Ledge shelfMat Cork Big:ledge

    Mat cork, Ledge

    125 DKK
  • Leather mat Ledge:ableMat Leather

    Mat Leather, Ledge:able

    249 DKK
  • Hang:able hangerHang:able


    249 DKK
  • HoopShowcase#0 with hoop


    299 DKK
  • Oak ballOakball on Big:ledge

    Oak Ball

    199 DKK
  • Big Mirror RoundBig mirror round

    Big Mirror Round

    225 DKK
  • Mirror RoundBigledge

    Mirror Round

    125 DKK
  • Mirror squareMirror square

    Mirror Square

    125 DKK
  • HookHook


    125 DKK
Iconic shelves, flexibility and freedom to interpret their use

Sculptural shapes and alternative solution – Anne Linde designs are where function and practicality are no longer boring. Explore the collection and select the pieces that will bring a new twist to your space. In a mix of innovative functionality and exciting timeless visions.
Find the storage, chair or bookshelf that will keep you inspired – now and in the future. Let the creativity flow and create decor for your home that allows you to push the boundaries of what your space can be.

Metal shelves

The collection of metal shelves from Anne Linde contains a series of designs with a common design language that makes it possible to combine all of them with each other. For grand combinations with multiple shelves or single shelves as sculptural elements on your wall. Whether the shelves will be put to work as bookcases, bathroom storage, kitchen shelves, key cabinets, mood boards or exhibition of your favourite objects, the flexibility of the pieces from Anne Linde allows them to be whatever you need. The metal shelves are a creative solution that lets you play with your home décor.
Combine the shelves with the accessories specifically crafted to complement their use and design – together the shelves and accessories become storage and functionality without the conventional limitations.


Within the collection, Anne Linde presents a duo of table that speaks a common language yet interprets completely different functions. Hover is the grounded yet light coffee table that almost seems to float, or hover, right above the floor.
Desk presents a vision for the conventional desk where the light and impulsive workspace are fused with the ambitious and functional desk.
Even though Desk has been designed along a dynamic diagonal line and Hover softly grounds the living room, they are both constructed around a minimal and continuous metal shape. They borrow lines from futuristic retro fantasies and remain timeless. The tables from Anne Linde are sculptural showpieces that seamlessly integrate with your daily living.


The Urban Lounge chair and Urban Lounge with table are examples of Anne Linde’s personal ambitions. Designed for expansive commercial spaces such as hotel lobbies, but with a purity in their shape that makes them relevant even for small spaces. Urban Lounge is the chair for the living room that will add a space fit for both relaxed work, deep conversations and goodnight-reading-sessions. More ergonomic and upright in its seating position than the classic armchair so that you can devote yourself to your project, reading or work without risking strain on your back.


The accessories from Anne Linde has first and foremost been designed to expand the use and possibilities of the shelves. The metal makes the shelves magnetic, and the accessories allow you to use all of the creative features of the shelves. Add usage to otherwise useless corners and spaces or use the accessories to create the most aesthetic solution to your need. With the magnets, mirrors, mats and other pieces, the usage has multiplied, and the flexibility been amped up. Customize and re-interpret. Over and over.

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