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Big mirror round


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Big Mirror Round is a mirror in a pure circular form. The backside is covered with a magnetic surface, making it possible to combine the mirror with any of the steel shelves in the collection. Transform Showcase#2, Sheet or Big Ledge into a station for that last-check-before-leaving or utilize it as the optimal companion in the bathroom.

The solution will forever remain flexible and open for further development and exploration; Big Mirror Round can complement and collaborate with the other accessories in the collection.

Design: Anne Linde
Material: Mirror
Dimensions: Ø 210 x D 3 mm
Weight: 0,33 kg
The magnetic solution that lends the mirror its flexibility, also ensures that Big Mirror Round never becomes redundant. The mirror is timeless and can be used in all spaces and rooms; as a practical constellation or a decorative element. There is no frame to gets worn and dingy over time and as such the design is lasting. Good design is timeless, and the mirrors sculptural language will remain aesthetically relevant – now and in the future.

Big Mirror Round is in other words home décor that resists the fast-paced consumer culture of today and offers a solution that is both beautiful and will last generations.
The Form

Beautiful in its simplicity

Big Mirror Round is a visually exciting extension of the shelves in the Anne Linde collection; the circular shape plays to the rounded corners of the bigger shelves and enhances the softer aspects of the metallic shapes. The reflective mirror adds a slight sense of drama to whichever surface it is adhered to and can give a lighter expression – even with its modest and practical shape.

Big Mirror Round has been designed without edges or ornaments that can date or disturb the clean look of the pure shape.

The circle is one the basic shapes of geometry; a universal, eternal and timeless form, referencing the sun, voluptuous fruits, the moon and other rounded joys of the world in their abstract form. Whether you just see geometry or think of mighty planets, the circle remains pleasing to the eye.

If you prefer a more graphic look and wish to enhance the clean lines of the shelves, consider using Mirror Square – or maybe combine them for geometric bliss?

Explore the possibilities

Big Mirror Round can be applied to any magnetic surface such as steel, and the mirror will therefore work with Ledge:able, Big:ledge, Showcase#2, Showcase#5 and Sheet.

As the mirror is held up by the strong magnetic backside, your chosen solution is flexible; move the mirror around as your needs and desires change, react on a whimsy try something new. Like the rest of Anne Lindes designs, the mirror is without the conventional limitations; it is an aesthetic solution for practical needs, a fusion of functionality and form that pushes the limits of what storage and organization can and should be.

Add a mini-bourdoir to your wardrobe in the bedroom or a small mirror to the shelf by baby’s changing table. Add Hook to keep the hairdryer or a pair of gloves in check or customize the solution to just what you need. Create what makes sense, let the shelves and accessories supplement and compliment each other.

Just like Hook, the Oak Ball magnets, Hoop and the rest of the accessories, Big Mirror Round offers an opportunity to play with the solutions. Be creative, combine, expand and explore as you go. Adjust to the circumstances without giving up on your style. Remain creative, now and in the future.