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Danish design mirror

Do you want to customize your home even further? Anne Linde has created a stunning collection of Danish design mirrors that combine beautifully with the rest of our steel products because the mirrors are entirely magnetic. This gives you more freedom to mix and match our products entirely to your taste, so you are the one in perfect control of how your place looks.

Decorative and functional

When it comes to interior design, mirrors are perfect for creating depth and making spaces seem larger than they really are. Our mirrors are an amazing addition to your home as they have simple and elegant designs that easily compliment your other decorations and furniture. They also work great for checking out your makeup or hair before you head out the door. So, if you are looking for a practical and pretty Danish design mirror, you should consider getting one from Anne Linde.

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With a love for metal, Anne Linde has created organic and sculptural designs for interior decorating since 2004. Due to their timeless design and the sturdy materials used, they still compliment modern homes after all those years. On this page you find our lovely assortment of Danish design mirrors. Explore the collection and find your favourites!