Hangers | Buy Hangers in Scandinavian Design by Anne Linde


Explore the collection and discover the varieties of shelves, accessories and furniture that in unison can create the solution that will make your space stand out.

Design hangers

You can never have too much storage in your home. That is why Anne Linde has made innovative design hangers that let you create storage in your shelf units and between them. Our hangers are easy to install and change, so you can switch it up and move them somewhere else whenever you feel like it. What is not to like?

Fit like a glove

Our hangers are designed to fit perfectly with specific shelf models from Anne Linde, so you can get extra storage between shelves while creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. For example, you can use your hanger to create a mini wardrobe and display your favourite fashion pieces as part of your interior design.

Visually appealing

At Anne Linde the design is always important, so our hangers are not only practical, they also have a sleek and airy expression that adds a beautiful touch. The design is simple yet impactful, so you are sure to get a beautiful addition to your home when you incorporate our design hangers. On this page you will find our assortment of design hangers. Explore the collection and find your favourites for your home.