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An elegant hanger made from solid oak, so dedicated to the pure shape that it gets an almost sculptural appearance.
Use Hang:able to take advantage of the space between the shelves in the Showcase collections and expand their possibilities for use and storage.

Combine the shelves with Hang:able and other accessories from Anne Linde to create a complete solution for your wardrobe, hallway or any other space in need of creative storage without the conventional limitations.

Oak is a durable material that becomes more beautiful with age.

Design: Anne Linde
Color: Untreated oak
Material: Solid oak
Dimensions: Ø20 x W 350 mm
Weight: 0,2 kg
Pure solid wood is a natural and durable material. The wood ages naturally and changes character throughout the years in a subtle manner. With correct care it will keep its shine for many years and can, together with the rest of the pieces from the collection, be passed down, still in mint condition.
Anne Linde’s designs are décor, storage and organization made for the future, resisting the fast paced consumer culture through timeless aesthetics and choice of materials.

Should Hang:able have served its time, the pure wood is fully recyclable.
The Form

Easy to install, easy to move

The warm wood adds contrast to the sleekness of the metal. Together the two materials create a textural composition that gives those luxury feels and the sensuous depth that characterizes unique design. Add a bit of your own magic to create a sublime look.

Hang:able has a simple cut in each end that ensures a perfect fit between two showcase shelves. Easy to install, easy to move – again and again.

The cylindrical shape seems simple but is an example of how lasting craftmanship and innovation can create unique solutions. Get inspired by the tactile surface and the free possibilities and create a combination that inspires and makes room for your world and life – a solution that can be expanded and re-modelled again and again.

Predict the unpredictable, let your home be free from the limitations of conventional storage.

Explore the possibilities

Use the space between two shelves to create a mini wardrobe in the bedroom or combine multiple pieces for a bigger solution. Hang:able and the rest of the accessories expand the shape and usage of the shelves; combine what you need, rebuild or add when you need change. Hang:able is a flexible solution that ensures a sculptural and manageable set-up. No matter how visionary your ideas are, the Anne Linde design will allow you to push the boundaries and create the décor that suits you the best.
A little extra space for kitchen towels? Some extra storage in the bathroom? For hanging your most priced tools?

As the oak of Hang:able is untreated, in can be coated and lacquered to create the finish you like. And should you change your mind, the solid wood can be sanded and coated again.
Just like your Showcase shelves, Hang:able is a functional solution that is up for eternal reinterpretation and exploration.