About • Anne Linde


Organic and sculptural designs made from metal

A metal love story

As a designer, my philosophy centers on the belief that ideas emerge
from personal needs and insights. I aim for my creations to positively
impact the lives of others. Through experimenting, using common sense,
and relating to my surroundings, my goal is to enhance lives and bring a
touch of joy to people.

Growing up surrounded by business and creativity, my father, a building
engineer, immersed me in practical tasks and woodworking lessons.
Meanwhile, my mother, a former ballet dancer and creative soul, added a
touch of culture to our household. It was a great mix of cultural
activities and business discussions in the kitchen.

Despite my initial love for fashion, I felt constrained as a fashion
designer and decided to pursue a degree in Three-dimensional Design in
the UK. This shift marked the beginning of my journey as an innovator
and creative thinker, generating ideas spanning from design to business

‘Ledge:able’ was the initial concept in the Anne Linde ApS collection;
it laid the foundation for the overall design philosophy that ties the
entire collection together. This creation sparked my admiration for
metal—a remarkable material comprising dynamic molecules that respond to
various environments. Its timeless nature and recyclability further
enhance its appeal, embodying a core principle of sustainability.

Metal makes me think about early science fiction series with their
organic, sleek, and futuristic aesthetics, which I find exceptionally
cool and inspirational. For me, designing is a journey into form,
materials, colors, production, and human needs. That journey never stops…

“The first design, Ledge:able, sort of dumped into my head and honestly it only took a couple of minutes to draw – the lines felt natural to me.”

Anne Linde

Infinite exploration

“The ultimate shelf has to me now been designed, so now I am free to explore” Anne explains. “Desk is for instance an exploration of the empty space between two shelves. How do you make a functional desk that is also beautiful? How do you connect and continue the lines? And this is where the metal gives me the freedom to actualize those lines.”

This freedom is not only part of Anne’s process, but reaches into the rooms in which her products are used: “Many of the pieces fit into even the smallest of spaces but can equally be expanded and unfolded in bigger spaces as well.”

And even though you rarely ask about age, Anne is not afraid to tell that he first design is 15 years old and that the iconic Showcase is from the beginning of this century – because no one can tell when looking at the pieces.

“I see no need to try and keep up with trends – the designs wiggle their way around this. Suddenly a shift happened and now everyone wants to design pieces that last. But the Anne Linde collection has always done just that.”

The products from Anne Linde are timeless exploration and creative freedom – now and in the future.

Anne designs to create creative solutions that pushes the boundaries of conventional furniture pieces. The metal acts as the core of her design – a material that allows the lines to flow without sacrificing functionality.