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Anne Linde is storage, organization, exhibition and furniture for the creative and visual mind without the conventional limitations. Anne Linde is freedom to let your fantasy run wild and either unfold the many combination options on an entire wall or just hang a single piece; whether it is in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, workshop, atelier, garage or kids bedroom. The eternal and timeless design can be used across styles and spaces – and will remain inspiring and exciting in the future.
When your needs change, your solution can change with you. Expand the possibilities and add your own magic to create a truly sublime solution.

Discover the details and become inspired by the projects shown here on the site.

A new twist to home décor

Ledge:able was the first design in Anne Linde’s collection and sprang from a desire within Anne’s own home. The shelf has been designed as a bedside table but has a usability that stretches far beyond the bedroom.
The shelves and furniture from Anne Linde is therefore, despite their visionary design, obvious choices for solving daily challenges in a highly aesthetic manner.

The selection of shelves allows you to create storage solutions with a twist. Play with the opportunity to display and hide objects within the same piece of furniture and create a different and creative solution. The shelves will remain sculptural and light in their expression, even when filled to the brim. And don’t be fooled by the look; they can contain more than their airy expression seems to suggest. That is the secret of the shelves; a fusion of art and functionality that pushes the boundaries of what conventional practical solution can offer.

Explore the possibilities and live out your visions

Dreaming of a coffee-station in your kitchen? To always have your tools where you need them? A boudoir for you daily beauty routine?
Add an icon to your home décor and add at the same time an interesting element that will keep your belongings in check.
The sculptural furniture from the Anne Linde collection is design where practical solution no longer has to be boring. Like functional sculptures.

The collection furthermore contains accessories designed to expand the possibilities for use. Combine the shelves with hooks, mirrors, the elegant Oak Ball magnets or the cork and leather mats to customize the pieces in both design and use. The accessories can be used on their own – but adds an extra dimension to the rest of the collection when paired.

Get inspired – now and in the future

Explore the collection of shelves, storage solutions and furniture, and discover the unique design that will become your next bookshelf, bedside table, kitchen shelf, bulletin board or office organizations. Match with your existing décor or play up the contrasts to create an eye-catching combination. The geometric base of the design combined with their softer edges makes the overall look timeless, and the many combination-options means that your pieces from Anne Linde can follow you far into the future.

The pieces resist the current consumer culture and is instead, through their design and choice of material visionary pieces that will keep up with you and your changing life.

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