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Oak ball


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Beautifully executed magnets made of solid oak, designed to complement the simple shape of the shelves. The tactile wood will only turn more beautiful throughout the years and will add an almost surprising element to the steel shelves or Sheet. Use the magnets to include the vertical surfaces of the shelves’ design and expand the potentials of their use.

NOTE: The price is for 4 pieces.

Design: Anne Linde
Color: Untreated Oak
Materials: Solid oak with magnet
Dimensions: Ø 25 mm
Weight: 0,15 kg (4 pieces)
Solid wood is, as your probably know, a natural and very lasting material. The wood will age gracefully with a subtle change of character as Oak Ball is handled and used.
Manipulate the color of the oak with oils, lacquers and paints to allow Oak Ball to keep up with your changing style and needs.

Oak Ball has been designed to resist the fast paced consumer culture and instead aim for a pleasing and timeless design combined with a lasting material that, with the right care, will let Oak Ball inspire you throughout a lifetime.
The Form

A round ball of tactile wood

A sublime round ball of tactile wood, the surface only briefly broken by the flat surface where the magnet is nested. The roundness is pleasing to the eye, a simple and honest shape that will add an almost surprising element to any magnetic surface.

While the ball seems super simple at first, Oak Ball is an example of how the combination of innovation and lasting crafts can create unique solutions. The warm material will accentuate the shelves by adding an element of contrast to the metal. Together the two materials create the luxurious feeling and rich depth indicative of exclusive design.
Get inspired by the surface and the free possibilities and create an exciting combination that leaves room for your life and world.

Explore the possibilities

All of the steel shelves are magnetic. Oak Ball therefore makes it possible for you to include the vertical surfaces of Ledge:able, Big:ledge, Showcase#2, Showcase#5 and of course Sheet as part of your creative storage and organization. Transform the exterior of your shelf into a mini-gallery of prints and cut-outs that inspire you, or as an aesthetic solution to keeping your important notes in place.
For instance, do you have a Showcase in the hallway? Then add Oak Ball and make a space to always keep your shopping list.

As the wood is untreated, Oak Ball can be lacquered, painted and treated to create the finish that suits your combination. And should you change your mind, the surface of Oak Ball can be sanded and re-painted.

Just like Mirror round, Hook, Mat Leather and the rest of the accessories, Oak Ball gives you the opportunity to play around with the solution, to be creative with your storage and organization without giving up on style. Combine the different elements into a unique solution, explore and expand as you go – and make the solution entirely your own.