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Mirror round


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Mirror Round is a magnetic mirror in a circular shape. The backside is fully fitted with a magnetic surface, making it perfect to combine with the steel shelf from the collection. Transform Sheet, Showcase #2 or Big:ledge to a last-check-before-leaving station in your entryway or as an ideal companion in the bathroom.

Mirror Round can be complimented by the other accessories, and the solution will forever be flexible and open to interpretation.

Design: Anne Linde
Material: Mirror
Dimensions: Ø 120 x H 3 mm
Weight: 0,12 kg
Mirror Round is with its universal shape an ideal candidate for any room of your home: living room, bed room, bath room or hallway – as a practical constellation or a decorative addition.
The magnetic solution allows the mirror a generous flexibility and ensures that Mirror Round never becomes redundant – great design is timeless, and Mirror Round has been designed to last throughout time and style changes.
The universal shape and the no-fuss cleanliness or the finish make this mini-mirror an investment that will never dampen or disrupt your creative expression.
The Form

A geometric archetype

The circle is a geometric archetype, a universal representation of a timeless shape. Whether the circle refers to the sun, moon, voluptuous fruits or other shapes in their abstract form, the silhouette remains pleasing to the eye.

Mirror Round has been designed without edges or ornaments that can date the look of the mirror and intrude on the clean look. Mirror Round is therefore an exciting visual extension of the shelves in the collection; the circle complements the rounded aspects of the metal shapes.
The mirror adds a bit of drama to the surface it is attached to and enhances an airy feel – even in this practical and modest size.

If you prefer to enhance the graphic lines and straight edges you can choose Mirror Square – or combine them for ultimate geometric bliss?

Explore the possibilities

Mirror Round can be attached to any magnetic surface including all steel surfaces. Mirror Round can therefore be combined with Ledge:able, Big:ledge, Showcase #2, Showcase #5 and Sheet.

Add a mini-boudoir to your wardrobe in the bedroom, a small mirror to the shelf next to baby’s changing table or to the family command center in the entryway. Add Hook to hang your hairdryer, mittens or whichever other items make sense to you. Let the different accessories supplement and complement each other.

Since the mirror is fastened by the strong magnet on the back, the solution you choose will forever remain flexible and movable. Move the mirror as your needs change or you desire a new look. Just like the furniture and the rest of the accessories in the collection, Mirror Round is design without the conventional limitations; aesthetic solutions to practical needs, a fusion of function and form that pushes the limits of what storage and organization can be.

Mirror Round and the rest of the accessories offer an opportunity to play with the possibilities. Adjust the circumstances without giving up on style. Remain creative by combining elements and expand as you go.