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Mat cork, Big:Ledge


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Mat Cork has been designed to match the shelf of Big:ledge perfectly. The cork material adds warmth, intensity and slightly unusual tone to the shelf, while ensuring that little things stay in place.
The addition of the natural and tactile material enhances the softness of the shelf’s details.

Use Mat Cork in combination with the shelf, or as an independent piece of décor.

Cork is water repellant and durable.

Design: Anne Linde
Color: Cork
Material: Cork
Dimensions: H 3 x W 345 x D 205 mm
Weight: 0,1 kg
The design is everlasting and with its universal shape Mat Cork, Big:ledge is home décor that resists the test of time and the fast paced consumer culture of today. The sculptural design language will remain relevant – also in the future.
Cork is a renewable material made from the bark of the cork oak. The same tree can grow cork multiple times throughout its life, and the material is water repellant and durable, making it ideal for use in the home. The material is 100 % natural and biodegradable – a future forward choice for your creative décor.

Great design is timeless design, and the accessories from Anne Linde is everlasting in both design and choice of materials.
The Form

Shape of the product

The simple rectangular shape makes this mat one of the most versatile. Alone or in combination with Big:ledge, Mat Cork is for every room of your home.

Mat Cork, Big:ledge has been made after precise measurements to fit the shelf of Big:ledge without sliding or budging – few things are as satisfying as when something fits together this well. Feel the tactile surface of the cork every time you put down or pick up an item. Listen to the satisfyingly muted sound when you put down your glass.

Cork is a warm material that adds strong sensations of luxury and lasting qualities.

Explore the opportunities

Add an extra dimension to your Big:ledge with Mat Cork as your favourite jewelries or keys find a resting spot on the softer surface.

Big:ledge will add storage till any room and space. Add a mirror and use it in your hallway for bags and the last check before leaving home. Hang it by the desk for office essentials, in the kitchen for favourite mugs and cookbooks, or make space for your own personal boudoir even in the most limited of spaces.
With Big:ledge you are guaranteed a different and artful, yet still simple and light style. The iconic lines will match multiple styles and intensify the overall creative expression of your home – and customize it even further with Mat Cork.

But Mat Cork is also an accessory that can be used by itself; as tray for a grouping of candles or the base for a vignette where your special objects live.

Like the rest of the accessories, Mat Cork, Big:ledge gives you the opportunity to play with the solutions. Adjust the practical circumstances without giving up on style.