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Mirror square


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Mirror Square is a magnetic mirror in a pure rectangular shape. The backside consists of a fully magnetic surface, making the mirror attachable to all of the steel shelves in the collection.
Transform a Showcase#2, Sheet or Big:ledge into a last-check-before-leaving catch-all station in the hallway or make it an ideal companion for the bathroom.

Mirror Square can be complimented by all of the other accessories and the solution will remain flexible and open for exploration.

Design: Anne Linde
Material: Mirror
Dimensions: H 3 x W 250 x D 100 mm
Weight: 0,3 kg
Mirror Square will never become obsolete in your décor. The universal design makes it suited for all areas of your home, as a practical constellation or a decorative element. The magnetic backside makes the mirror flexible, and the design without a frame ensures that Mirror Square will never go out of style or become worn out.

Good design is timeless, and the sculptural design will remain aesthetically relevant. In other words: Mirror Square is accessories for your home that resists the fast paced consumer culture and instead aims for timeless and everlasting inspiration.
The Form

A basic shape of geometry

The rectangle is one of the few basic shapes of geometry – a universal figure that is both eternal and timeless. Whether it is horizontal or vertical, the shape will remain pleasing to the eye. Mirror Square has been designed without borders and ornaments that can date or disturb the clean look.

Mirror Square is an exciting addition to the shelves; the rectangular shape complements the lines of the shelves, enhancing the graphic aspects of the design rather than their slightly rounded edges.
The mirror will create a play of reflections and light to any surface it is attached to, and can create a more airy look – even in this more practical and humble size.

If you instead wish to enhance the more rounded aspects of your shelf, try Mirror Round – or combine them for the ultimate play of abstract forms?

Explore the opportunities

Mirror Square can be applied to any magnetic surface, including any steel surface. Mirror Square can therefore be used together with Ledge:able, Big:ledge, Showcase#2, Showcase#5 and Sheet.

Add a mini-boudoir to your wardrobe, a mirror on the shelf next to baby’s changing station or next to your entrance door. Add a Hook to your shelf as well, for the hairdryer, mittens or whichever item makes sense in your home – and let the different accessories compliment and supplement each other.

Just like Hook, the Oak Ball magnets, Hoop and the other accessories, Mirror Square allows you to play with the solution. Adjust the practical circumstances without giving up on style, and with the limits of a pre-made design. Be creative with the different elements, combine them as you please to design a creative solution just for your home.

As the mirror is attached via the magnetic backside, your solution will furthermore be flexible – so when you desire change, you can easily switch it up. Like the rest of the accessories and furniture in the collection, Anne Linde is design without the conventional limitations. Find an aesthetic solution to your practical needs; a fusion of form and function that is pushing the limits of what storage and organization can, and should, be.