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Hook is a magnetic hook with a weight capacity of 28 kg. Hook works perfectly in combination with Showcase#2 and any of the other steel shelves in the collection.

Hook works as an extension of the shelves and includes the space under them as part of your storage. The magnet makes Hook an extremely flexible addition that, wherever is it placed, looks like a build-in part of the shelf.

Design: Anne Linde
Color: White
Material: Powder coated steel, magnet
Strength: approximately 28 kg
Dimensions: Ø32,3 x H45,3 mm
Weight: 0,06 kg
The surface of Hook resists scratches and other forms of wear and tear – perfect for an active life. The timeless design and the many possibilities for expansions and customization furthermore ensure that Hook, together with Showcase#3 or the other shelves, never becomes irrelevant in your home. Hook and the shelf it is mounted on will therefore last for many years into the future.

Should you become bored of the colour, all of the metal designs can be re-coated and refreshed.
Hook in all its combinations resists the fast pace of the current consumer culture and relies instead on timeless design and durable materials that will remain aesthetically relevant.

A flexible solution that can develop together with you.
The Form

A new angle

Shaped like a classic industrial hook, but kept in clean lines without any unnecessary elements, Hook will visually melt together with your shelves and seem built in, whether you just have a single hook or an entire row.

Hook is a new angle on a familiar old design. It combines the lifting of heavy duty tasks of effective storage without giving up on the breezy look.
Hook contains a playful maturity that allows for creative expression in your décor while solving practical challenges of daily life. With Hook and the rest of the collection, you never find yourself stuck in habits; the elements can instead be developed and reshaped together with you.
Anne Linde’s designs expand and push the boundaries of the Danish design tradition to allow for a practicality and functionality to no longer be boring.

Explore the possibilities

Need an extra hand in the kitchen, the bathroom or the hallway? Hook is that little accessory with the big impact. Expand the possibilities of use for your shelves and let your imagination run free.

The shelves and Hook are storage and organization for the visual person. It is a solution that remains light and delicious despite filled or even crammed shelves. They work across multiple styles, and Hook adds a little extra space for those items that just needs to be grabbable.
Make room for tea towels, the hairdryer, mittens, the little one’s favorite teddy bear or for displaying some of your favourite items.

Just like Hoop, the mirrors, Mat Leather and the rest of the accessories, Hook gives you the opportunity to play with the solutions. Adjust the practical circumstances without giving up on style. Be creative with the elements, combine them, expand and explore as you go – and make the solution entirely your own.