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Showcase #0


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A cubistic archetype with organic roundness – all the practical aspects of the cube combined with the calmness from the organic shapes. Light, practical and beautiful, Showcase#0 is the basic form of shelves and storage, a shape that allows you ultimate creative freedom.
Showcase#0 looks magnificent both on its own and in combination with others – and the possible combinations are endless. Showcase#0 manages to lift the heavy-duty task of storage while keeping your creative freedom and artistic expression intact.

Bent from pure aluminum and powder coated for ultimate durability.

Design: Anne Linde
Color: White
Material: Powder coated aluminum
Dimensions: H 330 x W 325 x D 290 mm
Weight: 2,5 kg
The surface of Showcase#0 is durable and resists scratches and other wear and tear of daily life and will last for many years. The timeless design and the many possibilities furthermore ensure that Showcase#0 will remain relevant within your space.
Should you find yourself desiring change, the shelf can be re-coated in a different colour for an entirely different look.

The pure material means that Showcase can be fully recycled – for the future.
The Form

A new twist to an old friend

The designs from Anne Linde’s collection is expanding and pushing the boundaries of the Danish design tradition to ensure that practicality and functionality are no longer boring. Showcase#0 is a new twist to an old friend. The design is visionary as it combines the heavy task of serious storage without compromising the light and airy expression. Showcase#0 contains a playful maturity that will allow you creative expression in your space while solving the practical challenges of living.
With Showcase#0 and the others from the collection, you never find yourself stuck in habits; the individual elements can instead be transformed and developed as you grow.

Explore the opportunities

Where can you use an extra hand? A little extra space to put down those essential items or have that little extra storage? Or where are you planning to create the perfect space for exhibiting your newest curious find? Showcase#0 fits right there.

Expand the possibilities by using multiple of Showcase#0 next to each other and put up a Hang:albe in between to utilize that extra space. Or add Hoop to use the space underneath. Any combination can be done without compromising the style of the shelf or your space.

Showcase#0 is also an obvious match for any of the other shelves in the collection. Use Showcase#0 as an extension of the others from the Showcase series, the Ledge series or the bulletin board Sheet.
Whether you are filling a corner or putting a whole wall to work.
And whether you need it in the attic, the living room, in the office (its dimensions make it ideal for paper storage), your home gym or creative space.
In other words, Showcase#0 is a favourite for any room across style and special feel. Art and form are united with versatility and durability and ensure that you can both display and hide in one and the same piece – now and in the future.