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Urban Lounge has been designed to have an organic and harmonic presence with reference to the sculptural shapes of the 60ies. Urban Lounge is at once flowing and timeless, and it will remain eternal and comfortable.

The sitting posture is more upright than your standard armchair. Urban Lounge thereby unites relaxation and activity – a favourite both for working with your legs up or reading the newspaper.

The base is available in three different variations; Hidden rotating base, still and with wheels.

Design: Anne Linde
Material: Metal, molded foam, wool mix
Dimensions: H 73,3 x W 84 x D 68,7 cm
Urban Lounge has been designed and constructed to last. The chair is upholstered with a highly durable wool-mix. The design is timeless and usable across multiple spaces. Urban Lounge will therefore remain a favourite, even if your style changes. Urban Lounge is a piece of furniture that resists the fast-paced consumer culture of today and can instead easily be passed down generations in the family.

Great design is timeless, and the sculptural form will remain aesthetically relevant.
The Form

Shape of the product

The 60ies was a time of disruption with the traditional art-genres. In turn, a rebellious expression without the conventional limitations was embraced. In a similar manner Anne Linde was founded with a desire to challenge and re-interpret the Danish design tradition; Urban Lounge drawing its inspiration from the shapes of the 60ies is only a fitting reference – at once soft and sculptural while remaining minimal and timeless.

The silhouette of Urban Lounge consists of a single unbroken line, the chair has been designed to be aesthetically exciting despite the high level of comfort. The soft and rounded shapes are peaceful and allow the energies to flow so the creative thoughts can too.

Urban Lounge is crafted with molded foam around a core of metal and upholstered in a durable wool-mix. The metallic core is not rigid – instead it allows for a comfortable light rocking, a sensation that makes sitting in Urban Lounge a very satisfying experience.

Explore the possibilities

Urban Lounge has been designed as a waiting-chair, the perfect way to welcome someone to your waiting room. But the comfort also makes Urban Lounge a perfect contender for the home. This lounge chair is more active than the conventionally soft armchair. The sitting posture is ergonomic and lightly upright, protecting the body while leaving plenty of space to pull your legs up or invite a child up for a cozy story time.

Urban Lounge is the starting point for inspiring conversations and thoughtful exploration of ideas. Whether this happens with the attention turned out towards the world or to your inner world, Urban Lounge will be the base. The combination of aesthetics and comfort does not give up on either.

Use Urban Lounge as a centerpiece in your active life where both children and adults benefit from comfort that is not snooze-inducing. Let the children build pillow forts in the space under the seat. Claim the chair for a session of meditation or as the spot to read the news. Urban Lounge unites activity and relaxation.