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Combination #3


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Hoop is the obvious companion to Showcase#0. The rectangular shape with rounded corners is an extension of the lines in the Showcase series and will therefore blend in perfectly with Showcase#0 – a combination of aesthetics and functionality that does not give up either.
With Composition 3, you get the compact practicality of Showcase#0 with the extended options that Hoop adds.

The shapes of Composition 3 are inspired by the archetype of the cube but with organic rounding – the practicality of the square combined with the calmness of the rounder shapes. Light, practical and beautiful.

Both Hoop and Showcase#0 are bent in metal, the material that characterizes Anne Linde’s creative and functional design.

Composition 3 has a durable surface that resists most scratches from wear and tear - perfect for an active everyday life. Composition 3 is therefore designed to last for many years into the future.

The timeless design and the many possibilities for extensions and personification also ensure that Composition 3 never becomes irrelevant in your home. Should you get tired of the color, the shelves can also be repainted and appear as new. Composition 3, alone or in combination with others, resists the buy-and-throw-away culture and instead inscribes itself in the timeless design.

Hoop is made of steel while Showcase#0 is made of aluminum, and when they have served their time, they can be taken to the recycling station, where the pure steel and aluminum can easily be recycled and included in a new circuit.
The Form

A new twist

Showcase#0 is a new twist on a classic. The design is visionary as it combines efficient storage with the light and airy look.

Showcase#0 contains a playful maturity that allows creative expression in the home and at the same time solves the practical challenges in everyday life. With Composition 3, you never get stuck in old patterns and habits; the elements can instead be expanded and reshaped as you and your needs change.

With Hoop, the usage is expanded while the design keeps its integrity and beautiful shape.

Explore the opportunities

Whether it's a single nook in the home or an entire wall to be utilized, and whether it's in the attic, in the living room, in the office (the dimensions make it ingenious for paper organization, for example), in the gym or the atelier, in other words, Composition 3 can be included in all spaces and across styles. The design is versatile but has character, giving you the option of combining Composition 3 with several different styles and types of decor - making it relevant, even if you change the style in the house, in the office or in the studio.

Art and design combined with versatility and durability to ensure that you can both store and show off - now and in the future. What is storage if it can not be both practical and yet aesthetically pleasing?