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Combination #10


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Composition 10 consists of the creative powercouple, Desk and Sheet – desk and bulletin board, a timeless and wonderful combination. Sheet and Desk are created from the same design sensibilities, and Sheet repeats the right angle on Desk – together they create a complete and beautiful look, despite being quite atypical interpretations of the wellknown couple.
Both are based on the flowing lines from the Showcase collection and have a light and decorative expression that balances functionality and aesthetics.

The desk is mounted on the wall and is bent from one piece of aluminum in an unbroken continuous line without sharp corners for extra creative flow.
In Composition 10, with Sheet’s magnetic surface, you can surround yourself with the things that inspire, and at the same time keep your office supplies collected – the upside-down flip and the built-in shelf on the Desk can hold more than what the light expression reveals.

Composition 10 is the flexible work area that provides space for both quick sessions and long immersion.

The powder-coated metal resists scratches and scuffs and ensures that Composition 10 stays fresh for many years. The metal is durable, and both Desk and Sheet can therefore be moved without damage - in addition, it can be repainted if the need for a new color should arise.

In other words, Composition 10 is designed to last. It is a composition of furniture that resists the buy-and-throw-away culture; Anne Linde grounds innovation in durability and timeless design, something that is experienced with Desk and Sheet.

As Desk is made of pure aluminum and Sheet in pure steel, they can be fully recycled and included in a new circular process. - Just like the remaining furniture in Anne Linde's collection.
The Form

A great combi

The upside-down flip on the Desk in combination with the shelf below, follows a diagonal line and creates that little something extra. The details are not for the sake of sight alone, but ensure that the Desk is highly functional. And the sleekness lets Desk be included in a myriad of interiors across styles and needs both now and in the future.

Sheet plays with contrasts; The perforated pattern adds a transparent element to the otherwise solid metal. The rounded edges at the top and bottom both hide screws and adds an element of softness to the shape.

Both Sheet and Desk are bent from a continuous piece of metal and have rounded edges and no visible suspensions. The design adds lightness and refinement to the metal.

Explore the possibilities

Work is evolving - why shouldn't the desk and bulletin board evolve too?

With Desk, work does not have to be rigid and limited - let the inventive form allow you to unfold your creativity, and experience how it feels to add extra energy to the process.
Sheet engages the wall and expands the workspace, allowing you to keep a close eye on all your two-dos, or unfold your moodboard right where you need it most.
The dimensions provide both space for truly unforgettable work to be performed but without unnecessary fullness - making Composition 10 perfect for smaller or narrower spaces.

Whether it's in the foyer for a quick skype meeting or as the core of the creative spaces, it's designed to make you unfold and feel inspired.