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Wall mounted table

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If you are looking for a place to work or enjoy a small meal, a wall mounted table is a great solution. With a wall mounted table you can choose the precise height you want for it. This means that you can choose to have a sitting or standing table for your tasks. Also, a wall mounted table provides a feeling of more open space, which gives you the opportunity to really take in the interior design and appreciate it. Additionally, if you chose a wall-mounted table keeping your home clean and tidy gets a little easier. Because a wall mounted table does not take up any floor space, you can vacuum and wash the floor underneath it with ease without having to avoid the table legs.

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Since 2004, Anne Linde has strived to create a new Danish design tradition with innovative and creative designs, that push the boundaries of what furniture pieces can look like. This also applies to our assortment of wall mounted tables with their simple yet sculptural and striking designs. Explore the selection and find a beautiful wall mounted table for your office, dining area or bedroom.