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Combination #9


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Composition 9 is the very simple, elegant and practical solution for the wardrobe, hallway or kitchen. With Composition 9, you get an exciting take on storage for the busiest places; three simple elements in a beautiful and well-designed version.
Showcase#0 is the basic form of shelves and storage, a form that allows you ultimate creative freedom. The timeless cube, but here with slightly rounded edges and in interplay with the warmth of the solid wood of Hang:able. A more organic twist on a favorite.

Showcase#0 is bent from a single piece of pure aluminum and hung in a way where you can not see the screws.
Hang:able is mounted via two simple lines at each end – in other words, Composition 9 is a beautifully simple solution that is flexible and easy to move, over and over again.

Composition 8 consists exclusively of materials that can be recycled - namely powder-coated aluminum with Showcase shelves and solid oak with Hang:Able.

As you know, pure wood is a completely natural and durable material. The wood ages and changes subtly in character over the years, while the powder coated surface of the aluminum is scratch-proof and durable. With the right care, the three elements of Composition 9 can last for many, many years without visible wear.
The metal shelves can be easily repainted to follow your creativity and aesthetic needs in the future.