Combination #8 • Anne Linde


Combination #8


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Composition 8 is an exciting extended storage solution. With the iconic Showcase#1 as the core and starting point for the combination, but with the twist from Showcase#3 and the asymmetrical composition that follows. As Composition 8 contains both two pieces of Showcase#0, Hang:able and the soft bends and varying depths from Showcase#3, you get the absolute greatest freedom and plenty of opportunity for an exciting and unexpected solution. And plenty of solid storage.

Does the wardrobe need an upgrade or the studio needs some reorganization? Composition 8 is created to give you the optimal freedom – and lots of curved elegance from the bended metal elements.

Composition 8 consists exclusively of materials that can be recycled - namely powder-coated aluminum with the Showcase shelves and solid oak with Hang:Able.

As you know, pure wood is a completely natural and durable material. The wood ages and changes subtly in character over the years, while aluminum is durable and the powder-coated surface scratch-proof. You can therefore keed Showcase for many, many years without visible wear. The shelf can easily be repainted so that it can continue to follow your creativity and needs in the future.