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Combination #7


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Composition 7 is the smaller version of Composition 6 – the same playful combination of Showcase#1 and #0, with Hang:able as the bridge and extension of the two shelves’ functionality and design. With Composition 7, you can either cultivate the symmetrical or the irregular look, and you can adjust the position of the elements to suit your hallway, bedroom, kitchen or office.

With Composition 7, you can store a lot, while maintaining the light look. Do not let yourself be limited by large shelves and clumsy systems. Enjoy instead the freedom and flexibility of the beautiful elements. Composition 7 consists of one of the iconic Showcase#1 shelves, combined with two pieces of Showcase#0 and two pieces of Hang:able. This combination gives you flexibility and ensures a beautiful use of the airy aspects of the shelves.

Composition 7 is lively elegance and playful maturity – at once a sculpture and a practical solution for your storage.

Design: Anne Linde
Color: White
Material: Powder coated steel, magnet
Strength: approximately 28 kg
Dimensions: Ø32,3 x H45,3 mm
Weight: 0,06 kg
Composition 7 consists exclusively of powder-coated aluminum with the Showcase shelves and solid oak with Hang:Able. Aluminum is a durable and recyclable material. You can therefore keep Showcase for many, many years without visible wear and tear. The shelf can be recoated to suit your future aesthetic desires as well.

And as you know, pure wood is a completely natural and durable material. The tree ages and subtly changes character over the years. Both wood and aluminum can be recycled when delivered to your local recycling centre.
The Form

A new angle

Showcase#0 presents a new angle to a classic - A cubist archetype with organically rounded endges that contains the practical aspects of the square while imbuing it with the calmness of the organic forms. Light, practical and beautiful.

Whether you see it as a bookcase, shelf, display cabinet or sculptural wall mount, Showcase#1 is in combination with Hang:Able furniture where practicality and functionality become anything but boring.Showcase#1 is bent from one continuous piece of steel, without unsightly joints and visible suspensions. The steel makes Showcase#1 durable and recyclable.

Hang: able has a simple cut at each end that ensures a perfect fit between two Showcase shelves. Easy to assemble and easy to move again and again.

Explore the possibilities

The showcase series' unique and creative soul comes into play in this exciting combination. With Composition 7, you never get stuck in old patterns and habits; the elements can instead be developed and reshaped as you get new ideas and needs change. The shelves of Anne Linde is for the visual and creative; without the old-fashioned limits of what storage can do.

Composition 7 is a flexible solution that ensures sculptural and clean-lined storage and organization. Use for instance the space between two shelves to create an extra mini-wardrobe in the bedroom or exciting storage in the kitchen. Assemble as it suits your space, and move around or expand as your needs change.