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Combination #6


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The shelving system that brings lively elegance to your wall – Composition 6 really brings the unique aspects of the shelves into play, and allows you to combine creative aesthetics with smart solutions. Composition 6 consists of two of the iconic Showcase#1 shelves, combined with two Showcase#0 and two pieces of Hang:able for flexibility and beautiful use of the airy aspects of the shelves. With Composition 6 you can store a lot, while maintaining the light look. Don’t restrict yourself with large shelves and clumsy systems. Instead, enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the beautiful elements in Composition 6.

The Showcase series is cubist in its basic forms, but with beautifully rounded corners and bends that add something soft and organic to the clean lines.

Composition 6 consists exclusively of powder-coated aluminum with the Showcase shelves and solid oak with Hang:Able. Aluminum is a durable material. You can therefore keep Showcase for many, many years without visible wear and tear. The shelf can easily be repainted so that it can continue to follow your creativity and needs in the future.

As you know, pure wood is a completely natural and durable material. The tree ages and changes subtly in character over the years. Both wood and aluminum can be recycled and be part of a new circular process.