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Combination #5


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The revival of the bulletin board. Out with cork and whiteboards, Composition 5 is here to meet your practical and aesthetic needs. Transform your wall and create a moodboard of both objects, clippings and images, or give your practical cath-all bulletin board a visual facelift with the Sheet bulletin board and the Ledge floating shelf. The perforated steel surface of Sheet provides a magnetic bulletin board that is light in expression and whith no visible screws and suspensions – just pure aesthetics.

Ledge is the shelf for the visual type that appreciates flowing lines and new angles. And did we mention tha Ledge is the perfect companion to Sheet? The simple look that fuses art and functionality matches a myriad of walls and styles, and with Composition 5, routine is transformed into pleasure.

We dare say that Composition 5 is going to be a favorite with you. Not only for your current needs, but in the future as well. The surface is durable and the use leaves almost no trace. Ledge and Sheet are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and can withstand bumps and blows.

Both Sheet and Ledge are made of powder coated steel which is a recyclable material. This means that the entire Composition 5 can be included in a new circular process when the time is up - by simply being delivered correctly at your local recycling centre.

Composition 5, like the other products from Anne Linde's interior collection, can be used for many many years and interpreted and reinterpreted as your needs change and expand. It is sustainability through durability - both in materials and design.