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Combination #4


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Sometimes repetition is the coolest way to create a beautiful look – but the repetition of Showcase#3 still gives a hint of something unpredictable. The otherwise harmonious and regular setup is broken by the asymmetrical composition and the curved, varying depths of Showcase # 3. In Composition 4, the wavy lines from Showcase#3 play with the practical aspects of Anne Linde’s design. The soft bends and varying depths makes this storage solution playful, and gives you the ability to let objects stretch across levels in a surprising way.

Extra closet space in the bedroom? More aesthetic home for the papers in the office? A place for your most used kitchen utensils? The possibilities are almost endless.

Let the imagination run wild – without being suffocated by practical considerations and tedious limitations associated with conventional storage.

The shelf can also be recoated in a new color. The powder coated steel is durable and the surface likewise; resistant to scratches and marks.

The pure steel can furthermore be fully recycled. This means that Showcase#3 is gentle on the planet; durability and reusability make the shelf a lasting visionary solution to organizational challenges in the home. And should your needs change, the three shelves can be hung separately.

Composition 4 is a combination you can have for many years to come and never get tired of; the many unexplored possibilities for the use of the shelves mean that you can continue to discover new and exciting ways to use them.