Combination #11 • Anne Linde


Combination #11


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Showcase#2 is bent from powder-coated steel, making the shelf durable and magnetic – and can therefore be adapted to even the most daring wishes. Therefore, Hook – the strong but still beautiful hook – is the most ingenious extension of Showcase#2 and the supporting principle of Composition 11.

Showcase#2 is a chameleon – with magnetic mirrors it transforms into an ingenious shelf in the hallway, for example, and with Oakball for handy storage in the kitchen – but regardless of the accessories, Hook is the ultimate extension of Showcase#2’s flexibility and design.
That’s why there are three Hook hooks in Composition 11 – so you experience the full creative freedom of this combination.

The perforated pattern adds a lightness and a transparency to the shelf that elevates the use of the shelf to a myriad of options – tucked away yet still visible.

Showcase#2's timeless shape also requires an almost timeless material; the metal ensures that the sculptural form is maintained and that, despite the everyday knubs, it continues to be beautiful.

Steel is a recyclable material, which means that Showcase#2 and Hook can be part of a new circular loop in the future.
But that is for the future; the steel also makes the shelf and hooks durable and will last you a long time.

And should your needs change, the shelf can be repainted.