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Combination #11


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Showcase#2 is bent from powder-coated steel, making the shelf durable and magnetic – and can therefore be adapted to even the most daring wishes. Therefore, Hook – the strong but still beautiful hook – is the most ingenious extension of Showcase#2 and the supporting principle of Composition 11.

Showcase#2 is a chameleon – with magnetic mirrors it transforms into an ingenious shelf in the hallway, for example, and with Oakball for handy storage in the kitchen – but regardless of the accessories, Hook is the ultimate extension of Showcase#2’s flexibility and design.
That’s why there are three Hook hooks in Composition 11 – so you experience the full creative freedom of this combination.

The perforated pattern adds a lightness and a transparency to the shelf that elevates the use of the shelf to a myriad of options – tucked away yet still visible.

Showcase#2's timeless shape also requires an almost timeless material; the metal ensures that the sculptural form is maintained and that, despite the everyday knubs, it continues to be beautiful.

Steel is a recyclable material, which means that Showcase#2 and Hook can be part of a new circular loop in the future.
But that is for the future; the steel also makes the shelf and hooks durable and will last you a long time.

And should your needs change, the shelf can be repainted.
The Form

The combination is light in its expression

With Composition 11 and the other products from Anne Linde's interior collection, you can create a unique interior with sublime solutions - just add a bit of your own magic and experience how your style emerges.
Composition 11 speaks a minimalist language that allows it to be incorporated into interiors across styles and needs.

The combination is light in its expression. The perforated steel on Showcase # 2 adds an element of transparency, and the clean lines are timeless and durable. The rectangular shape has organically rounded corners and can either stand out as an artistic element, or fall into the background, depending on the color and context.

In other words, Composition 11 will remain aesthetically relevant with its fusion of a minimalist and light basic form and the jumble of creative possibilities that it begets.

Explore the possibilities

Showcase#2 can be a bookshelf, a bedside table, storage in the living room, a handy helper in the kitchen or an exhibition pedestal on the art wall. The simple form lets the imagination run free.
What you put into Showcase#2 is hidden away and yet always visible. Hidden but never gone - Showcase#2 can be an active part of life where the books you are reading or the project you are working on have a home that is not on the dining table.

Showcase#2 adds a sculptural element to your storage, and with Hook you ensure that what you need is always at hand.
In other words, Composition 11 is made to become a living part of your daily life. The simple shape and practical material create an elegant solution.

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