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Combination #1


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Composition 1 creates sweet symmetry while maintaining the airiness and flow in the room.
Iconic Showcase#1, with its sculptural bends, lets you both show and store your items – and with Composition 1 you can include the space between the two shelves. Two pieces of Hang:Able gives you an extra hand for tea towels, hanging plants, clothes on a hanger, jewelry or whatever else you are inspired to place within the beautiful storage solution.

The warm tone of the wood that Hang:Able is made from creates slight contrast to the metallic surface of the shelves. Together, the two materials play off one another, creating the sensuous depth that characterizes unique design. Add some of your own magic to create a sublime solution.

Composition 1 consists exclusively of powder-coated aluminum with Showcase#1 and solid oak with Hang:Able. Aluminum is a durable and recyclable material. Showcase and the rest of the metal shelves from Anne Linde will therefore last you many, many years without visible wear. The shelf can easily be recoated so that it can continue to follow your creativity and needs in the future.

As you know, pure wood is a completely natural and durable material. The tree ages and changes subtly in character over the years. With the right care, it will retain its luster.

In other words, Composition 1 is a solution for your interior design, storage and organization, which resists the buy-and-throw-away culture and instead inscribes itself in the timeless design. Both wood and aluminum can be recycled and be part of a new circular process. A flexible solution that can develop together with you.