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Continued exploration and re-interpretation

Furniture from Anne Linde has been designed to be explored and combined. The design is based on simple products that are exciting on their own but can be combined with each other to create solutions even for bigger commercial spaces – and the sculptural forms will truly excel when the combinations of pieces are expanded across bigger spaces.
Whether you are designing a grand hotel lobby, the unique smaller hotel rooms, visionary office spaces, meeting rooms, private kitchens, a luscious lounge and showroom or a restaurant, the collection of furniture from Anne Linde can be combined to meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

The usage of the furniture is up for continued exploration and interpretation, both when using the individual pieces on their own or discovering the almost infinite combinations.

Metal – the combination of art and functionality

Commercial spaces have different challenges than private homes, and it requires an explorative approach to solve practical demands; thinking in terms of new solutions and twisting something known. And this is where metal becomes an interesting material. Lasting, always easy to clean and incredibly durable. Anne Linde designs furniture with a long lifespan. The future requires solutions that do not add to the fast-paced consumer culture but instead aims at keeping up the visual interest and energies throughout changing trends and the hustle and bustle of use.

And even though age is rarely a favorite topic, many of the designs in the collection are seasoned by now. Therefore, we have the courage to say that the designs are truly timeless.

Visionary flexibility – in delivery and design

Just like flexibility is at the heart of Anne Linde’s artistic vision, flexibility is also an integral part of the process. This means that you can have the pieces customized for your project.
The shelves can be coated with a multitude of colours, and for bigger projects the dimensions can be altered to fit your space. Production time is short, and our reliable suppliers can change it up fast and make the changes that will add the right twist – without jeopardizing the quick delivery.

Anne Linde is available for both creative and functional exchange of ideas, based on both a unique design perspective and many years of experience creating solutions for big hotels, conference centers and office spaces in both Denmark and Sweden.

Let your fantasy run wild and think up the grand and unique solutions or discover the opportunities in what already exists. The Anne Linde collection will add an interesting and different flavour to any space.

Work with the designer herself

Even though the collection is timeless, Anne values some things from the past; she cares deeply about great communication and proper treatment of collaborators in a way that would make the old-school industry men proud. That is why all communication about contract projects go through Anne herself. Experience the value of good personal contact, whether that to you means flexible idea-bouncing, reliable solutions or unique perspective. Send her an e-mail at to get started on your project.

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